Parc des Filets Enchant├ęs

This tree course is accessible from the age of 3 and consists exclusively of nets, so the whole family can have fun in the trees! This activity, between 4 and 12 meters high, lets you navigate on nets that have proven their worth on many a catamaran. The world of the sea meets that of the mountains in this super fun activity.

There is also a barefoot path! The barefoot learning path can be walked alone, with family or with friends. You do not need special shoes! On the contrary, you do no need shoes to discover or rediscover this path which hides the essences of the scrubland, with the tips of your toes. Along the banks of the stream, between the trees and on the ground, it is a safe way for both young and old to get to know the secrets of nature! After this moment of escape, you have acess to fresh water to put your shoes back on with clean feet.