The region of Saint Bonnet le Chateau tells its story, shares its traditions and reveals its know-how with two museums that have awarded the "Musée de France"label!

Écomusée des Monts du Forez

The museum is locate in the town of Usson en Forez in a mountainous region with a rich history, agricultural traditions and natural beauty. The main purpose of the Écomusée is the preservation and promotion of the local culture, history and crafts of the Monts du Forez area. It aims to raise awareness among visitors about the relationship between humans and nature as well as the impact on human activities on the lanscape. The museum also plays a role in preserving local heritage by documenting, preserving and presenting historical objects, documents and stories thus preserving the region's history for future generations.

In addition to exhibitions, the Écomusée organizes educational activities such as workshops, lectures and demonstrations. These activities are intended to engage visitors and provide them with a deeper understanding of the traditions and lifestyle of the region.

Museum of 20th Century History "Resistance and Deportation"

The museum focuses on the history of the 20th century, particularly the events of World War II, such as resistance and deportation. The specific subject of the "Combats d'Éstivareilles"is central to the presentation. These battles refer to the fighting that took place in Estivareilles in August 1944. The museum aims to raise awareness among visitors about the history of the region during Worl War II and the courageous act of those involved in the resistance movement.